Edu & Fe

The basics
  • 109
  • Name:

    Edu & Fe

  • Age:

    36 & 27

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Sex life:


There’s no greater love story than the love story of people who specifically weren’t even looking for romance in the first place – just ask Brazilian pair Edu and Fe. They were each after something casual when they swiped right on a dating app but their instant easy connection promised something way more. After waking up together the morning after the first date, Fe opened her eyes and said, “I had a dream with you!” Edu answered, “Me too!”, and if the night-time premonitions hadn’t made it clear enough, the pleasure they had shared had: it was meant to be. Now living together, their relationship is founded on compatibility, commitment and plenty of chemistry. Their Lustery debut is a testament to all this and more – like how Fe loves watching Edu masturbate and looking into his eyes while he fingers her. Or how he loves making her cum in every way possible and gets “completely turned on by her perverted look into his eyes”. This is one you don’t want to miss!


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Edu & Fe's Video Collection

Endless Pleasure
Brazilian lovers Edu and Fe describe their sex life as “endless”, which – luckily for us – means that they’re more than happy taking their time to make each other cum again and again. Their debut sees them intentionally savoring every bit of each other – the sight of each other masturbating, the tastes (from mouth to pussy to cock, and Edu even sucking on a blissed-out Fe’s toes at some point), the textures of hair and skin and soft and hard. The pleasure builds and builds, culminating in a deep, sensual and intense fuck – the perfect introduction to Lustery screens.
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