Introducing: Edu & Fe

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When the Brazilian pair first connected on Tinder, they were looking for nothing more than perhaps a casual hook-up. It was a low pressure and zero expectation approach that allowed them to deviate from the usual dating app scripts. Instead, Edu was asking Fe questions like, “Which three food seasonings would you bring with you to the end of the world?”, questions that kept the conversation going for weeks as they grew all the more intrigued. Their first date sealed the deal: drinks, dinner, even more talking, and “the best kiss ever” – Edu even ignored his dentist’s advice and went down on Fe all night, despite the fact that he’d only had his stitches removed from a dental surgery that day. It’s a level of dedication to their mutual pleasure that has carried through to today, a year-and-a-half later.

Describing their relationship, they say, “We have a very strong sexual connection, great compatibility in day-to-day duties and life, and a strong commitment to be the best partner possible to each other.”

That strong sexual connection and “endless” desire for each other is reflected in the things that turn them on most. Fe says she crazy about Edu’s hands (they were one of the first things she noticed about him), she loves the texture of his body hair, and it drives her wild when he grabs and squeezes his dick while looking at her. Edu, on the other hand, loves the texture of Fe’s skin, her smell and her taste – the smell and taste of her pussy and asshole especially. And when she gags while she swallows his cock? Absolute bliss!

Naturally, that dedication to desire has also made for some epic sex stories. There’s been beach sex, hammock orgasms, car fingering, elevator blowjobs, and – memorably – the time Edu made Fe cum only by licking her asshole. “Plus,” they say, “there are all the experiences we’re having in our camming life.” Sharing all those X-rated adventures on Lustery is their next step, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome them.

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