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Welcome to Lustery’s media hub! This area is your behind-the-(sex)-scenes pass to everything Lustery: what we’re about, our story and our mission, as well as handy a guide to our content, useful downloads, images and information about Lustery campaigns. Get comfortable and definitely get in touch if there’s anything else you need.

About Lustery

Lustery is a creator-centred platform focused on providing a sex-celebrating and shame-free space for couples to share their love and lust with the world. The home of real-life partners filming their sex lives behind closed doors, Lustery allows these lovers to open those doors to a like-minded community of people who value real intimacy and emotion in porn. Despite the glut of online porn dedicated to every preference or fetish imaginable, the magic of genuine passion and desire between real lovers is something beyond the reach of most search bars. Lustery takes the guesswork out by offering a dedicated platform in which couples can share their most intimate and romantic moments, along with their kinks and turn-ons, without shame or prejudice. At Lustery you can experience a curated collection of unique connections and authentic pleasure, straight from the bedrooms of real couples around the world.

Our Story

Founded in 2016 by Spanish filmmaker Paulita Pappel, Lustery started small but with game-changing ambitions. Lustery germinated within Berlin’s sex-positive community with the goal of capturing the candid intimacy and raw passion of people’s sex lives. The market for the platform grew quickly, fed as much by word of mouth between couples as by an increasingly smut-literate audience hungry for authenticity in their porn.

Mission statement

To celebrate sex and relationships in their diversity by creating an archive of authentic intimacy and a sex-positive platform for people all around the world.


Paulita Pappel is a Spanish filmmaker and feminist pornographer. After studying comparative literature in Berlin, she worked both in front and behind the camera. She is the founder of Lustery, a platform dedicated to the sex lives of real-life couples from around the world. She also co-organizes and curates the Pornfilmfestival Berlin. Paulita works as a producer, performer, director, screenwriter and podcaster, and is an advocate for a sex-positive, consent-based culture.

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POV Blog

There’s so much more to intimacy and relationships than what happens in the bedroom (or on the kitchen counter, in the sauna, on the sofa…). This is where the Lustery POV blog comes in, providing an inclusive platform for creating conversations, sharing resources and information, and fostering consent culture. The POV podcast is a recent addition to the blog that takes a deeper look into the world of sex, sexuality and relationships, one point of view at a time.

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