Fa & Lu

The basics
  • 91
  • Name:

    Fa & Lu

  • Age:

    30 & 38

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Barichara, Colombia

  • Sex life:


While most of the world considers 2020 a write-off, Colombia-based lovers Lu and Fa reckon they have 2020 to thank for their blissful relationship. It was a shared Covid experience that brought them not just closer, but made them realise they were meant to be together. And from there, their love and life together has only blossomed. “We moved away from the city and currently live in the countryside, ties and heels gone, hands on our new bakery project and, of course, enjoying ourselves mentally and physically to the fullest!” When they’re not getting their hands dirty kneading dough and creating magnificent wild yeast bread loaves, they’re finding other ways to get dirty – and all the better if they have an appreciative audience. “What is it with public places?” they say. “Traffic jams, hiking trails, balconies and more balconies!” In fact, one favourite balcony got so much love (well, loving) that they ended up with something of a regular viewership. Must’ve been great practice for joining Lustery! The couple say that sharing their videos is their latest kink and they love receiving feedback from all over the world. And based on their red-hot debut? They’re about to have a new mass following.


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Fa & Lu's Video Collection

Screw With A View
Colombia-based lovers Lu and Fa live in the mountains in the type of setting most of us can only fantasise about – and based on their lush Lustery debut, leading the kind of jaw-dropping sex life that most of us fantasise about too. Given their amazing views and undeniable chemistry, it’s only right that the pair fuck in every position that makes the most out of both: doggy, reverse-cowgirl, and more… Of course, the views are nice but we can’t take our eyes off of them.
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