About Lustery

About Lustery

Hi, I'm Paulita Pappel. I'm an exhibitionist and a voyeur. I know out of my own experience how thrilling it can be to integrate a video camera in to your sex life. We are all socially influenced to script our sex lives according to what we see on TV, in Hollywood Movies and in mainstream media. The act of reclaiming your own gaze and sharing your innermost passionate moments can be empowering and uplifting. Personally, after scrolling through many different kinds of porn I realised I enjoyed most watching sex videos that are not only made for the viewer, but where real people actually enjoy what they are doing. Where there is a real connection and there can be laughs and things can go wrong, and that's ok.

The magic of these videos is that when you hand the control back to couples, the action becomes organic, authentic and truly reflective of real life passion and lust. That is what really gets me off and that is why I wanted to create a community where couples can share their sex life. This was the beginning of Lustery!

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the only website dedicated entirely to amateur couples

no acting, no scripts, no faking

genuine passion on camera

no objectification of women

a new era of porn

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