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Sukii & Nen

The basics
  • 408
  • Name:

    Sukii & Nen

  • Age:

    25 & 30

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Madrid, Spain

  • Sex life:


Sukki and Nen met 10 years ago in the village where both Sukki and Nen’s parents were living. They were introduced by Nen’s sister and before long their initial flirtation led to romance, dating, and (eight years later) a wonderful marriage.

The pair make love at least once a day, and are quite sexually adventurous and exhibitionist. They’ve had sex in a spa right next to their friends, in public changing rooms and bathrooms, and outdoors besides rivers, lakes, and the sea. They’ve yet to be caught (apart from a close call by a river) but the potential awkwardness only excites them even more!

Sukki’s favorite position is doggy style, while Nen is turned on by any position where he can see his partner’s pleasure. Indeed, as something of a voyeur, he enjoys watching Sukki with other people. The couple have both explored their bisexual sides and love having threesomes and foursomes. In such cases, they almost enjoy the flirting and build up of excitement almost more than the sex itself.


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Sukii & Nen's Video Collection

Between Training and Training
With the little time we have with the babies, we have to take advantage of every moment of sleep they give us, so we take the opportunity to train... and during training... other tasks arise hehehe
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