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Simona & Leo

The basics
  • 423
  • Name:

    Simona & Leo

  • Age:

    32 & 33

  • Type:

    Primary partners

  • Location:

    Berlin, Germany

  • Sex life:


Simona and Leo met almost two years on a Tinder date at Simona’s art exhibition, ending the evening with a passionate kiss. A very passionate night soon followed, and now the couple live together and have sex two or three times a day! On Sundays, they often spend the entire day in bed, enjoying each other’s bodies after a long night out partying.

In the bedroom, the two are playful and kinky, but not into anything too brutal. They like all sorts of positions and enjoy licking every part of the body. Their favorite fetish is public sex, having made love in forests, parks, dark corners of clubs, public toilets, trams, and buses (though not yet any planes) – basically anywhere they are feeling horny!

Perhaps the weirdest place they had sex was near a small rest stop in Poland, where the adventurous duo stumbled across a ‘porno shrine’ complete with a mattress and porn magazines and decided they needed to ‘sanctify’ it with a quickie, almost missing their bus in the process! We look forward to seeing some more of their psychedelic sex adventures soon!


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Simona & Leo's Video Collection

Slip ‘N’ Slide
It’s been a while since Berlin-based couple Simona and Leo first graced Lustery screens but as this steamy vertical quickie immediately makes clear, things are still as hot between them as ever. Beginning with Simona soaping up in the tub with the showerhead teasingly aimed at her pussy, Leo soon joins to take over where the shower left off, culminating in slipping into slick Simona from behind before a soaking facial.
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