Atlas & Apolo

The basics
  • 83
  • Name:

    Atlas & Apolo

  • Age:

    22 & 27

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    São Paulo, Brazil

  • Sex life:


Brazilian babes Atlas and Apolo didn’t meet in heaven, as their monikers might suggest, but at a sex party in a club. One thing led to another and it’s been bliss ever since with a relationship centred around respect and trust – and a wickedly spicy sex life to boot. “Work keeps us busy but we fuck at least three times a week or more,” the say. Throw in a penchant for dildos, rope, adhesive tape and gags and a whimper-out-loud kink list that includes pissing, spanking, bondage, spiting, dildos, exhibitionism and drinking each other's cum, and it’d be enough to keep you in the bedroom every free moment. Except… they love taking things out of the bedroom too. Like way out! After a horny roadside pitstop on a deserted road turned into an adrenaline-spiked fuck in, outside and even on the car, the guys have had a thing for public sex. “It was really hot – we’ve repeated this in public spaces several times,” they admit. And after watching their heavenly Lustery debut, you’ll likely want to hit ‘repeat’ on their incandescent sessions too.


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Atlas & Apolo 's Video Collection

Heavenly Bodies
São Paulo-based lovers Atlas and Apolo makes their incandescent debut on Lustery screens with a playful peek into their sex lives. The video showcases a captivating dynamic where Atlas mixes up using and toying with Apolo with tenderness and romance, and to thrilling effect with Apolo ultimately eagerly spreading his ass cheeks for his lover and later lavishing his feet and toes with kisses and licking. Cleanliness may be godliness but being dirty is so much more delicious.
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