Maru & Phil

The basics
  • 224
  • Name:

    Maru & Phil

  • Age:

    28 & 29

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Curitiba, Brazil

  • Sex life:


It’s been eight years since these Brazilian babes went from Facebook friends to IRL lovers and according to Maru and Phil, the thing that has kept them going strong – other than regular daily fucking – has been their curiosity and eagerness to experiment since Day One. The two life partners enjoy a semi-open relationship that allows them to play with others according to their agreed upon rules, allowing them to indulge in one of their favourite fetishes: seeing each other have sex with other people. And they don’t hold back either – according to the adventurous pair, one of their most thrilling sex stories involved a fateful bar meeting, four other guys and one unforgettable motel gang bang. Their day-to-day sex life is pretty pulse-quickening too. “We have sex almost every day, sometimes more than once a day,” they explain. “When we are physically well and we are not tired, our sex tends to be more hardcore.” Based on their breath-taking Lustery debut, these two ¬– self-confessed “best friends for everything” – are in their absolute prime.


Bedroom, Hetero, Long Hair, Brown Hair, Kissing, Oral Sex, Moaning, Deep Throat, Tit Fuck, Frombe, Face-to-face, Shaved Pubic Hair, Cum, Short Hair, Tattoos, Red Hair, Choking, Mirror, Slap, Handjob, Doggy Style, Português, Blowjob.

Maru & Phil's Video Collection

Soft Light, Hard Fuck
In pastel shades and with limbs entwined, Brazilian babes Maru and Phil make their exquisite debut on Lustery screens. But don’t let the dreamy tones and soft light fool you – there’s nothing ‘soft’ about this hardcore romp. Captured from every mouth-watering angle, the action unfolds with enough spanking, hair-pulling and the occasional hand around the throat to make anyone whimper – and that’s before the incredible facial finale!
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