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Roma & Noel

The basics
  • 91
  • Name:

    Roma & Noel

  • Age:

    21 & 34

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Bariloche, Argentina

  • Sex life:


For Argentinian couple Roma and Noel, it was lust at first sight. The pair first met through mutual friends and immediately arranged their first date. Whether it was the weed or the intense looks the two kept shooting at each other (yup, we’re pretty convinced it was the latter), soon fascination trumped inhibition and they snuck off to the bathroom to tear each other’s clothes off – and they’ve been together ever since. It was a steamy first encounter that set the precedent for their sex life since, which they say is active and fun. For Noel, a trans man, and Roma, who is non-binary, sharing their lives as they fully realize their nonconforming identities means a sex life that defies convention too. When they’re not playing with toys (catch all the scream-out-loud strap-on sex in their Lustery debut), they’re sharing each other with other partners or watching BDSM porn and erotic films together. We can’t wait to see what they produce now that they’re creating their own!


bedroom, black hair, breast kissing, cuddling, face-to-face, frombe, kissing, oral sex, piercings, short hair, tattoos, moaning, sex toy, trimmed pubic hair, Spanish, smoking, queer, dildo, handjob, safer sex, strap-on, doggy style, POV, Non-binary POV.

Roma & Noel's Video Collection

Strap In!
Latin American lovers Roma and Noel invite us into their bedroom for the sort of Lustery debut that announces itself in irrepressible moans of pleasure just minutes into the video. As Roma buries their face between Noel’s legs, it’s full speed to breathless arousal with Noel wrapping his fingers through Roma’s hair and bucking his hips to meet their eager sucking and licking. When you think this video couldn’t get any more climactic, it’s only just started to pick up the pace with the addition of a strap-on hurtling the two towards inevitable orgasm. You’re in for a wild ride…
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