Introducing: Atlas & Apolo

Category: Couple News

Based on their names alone, you might think Brazilian pair Atlas and Apolo to be a match made in heaven, and based on their magnetic chemistry, you could probably even confirm it.

In actual fact, the lovers reveal, theirs was a match made at a sex party (close enough!) in a club in São Paulo where one of the performing dancers, name Apolo, ended up dancing and flirting with a cute guy (you guess it, Atlas) before heading back to Atlas’s place that night. The rest, as they say, is history.

The pair describe their relationship as “respectful, trustful and very filled up with adrenaline”. “We like to be spicy as we can and we like to explore new stuff together,” they explain. “We have very good conversations and we share about everything. We love cuddling, playing videogames and drinking together.

Exactly how spicy are we talking here? Their craziest sex story sets a red-hot bar. “Once we were driving and we were very horny so we stopped our car a small, quiet street and we had really nice outdoor sex. The fear of exposure and adrenaline were insane. We did it inside the car, outside and on top of it. It was really hot and we ended becoming ‘our thing’ – we’ve repeated this in public spaces several times.”

And in private? Things get even spicier. They list their shared kinks as pissing, spanking, bondage, spiting, dildos, exhibitionism and drinking each other's cum. Atlas also likes to stomp on Apolo and loves positions where his partner is vulnerable or stuck so he can use him as much as he can. And luckily for Lustery, they add that “one of our biggest fetishes is filming and playing with the camera and all the different angles and then watching it together”. We approve!