Lustery Press Area

Welcome to Lustery’s media hub! This area is your behind-the-(sex)-scenes pass to everything Lustery: what we’re about, our story and our mission, as well as handy a guide to our content, useful downloads, images and information about Lustery campaigns. Get comfortable and definitely get in touch if there’s anything else you need.

Press Kit

Everything you need, in one place: all important Lustery media material can be downloaded here.



A selection of Lustery logos...

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Dirty, clean and everything in between: this is where you will find a selection of safe-for-work couples images (both sexy and casual), more explicit couples images and images of Lustery founder, Paulita Pappel.


From teasers and titbits to big ideas, this is the place to find safe-for-work Lustery trailers, explicit Lustery Trailers, 15-second samples of Lustery videos and safe-for-work Lustery campaign videos. Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, Masturbation Month and more...

Lustery Classic Trailer (NSFW)

Lustery Classic Trailer V2 (NSFW)

Lustery Cinematic Trailer (SFW)

Lustery Classic Trailer (V2)

Lustery Saint Valentine Campaign

#IWD2020 Sex Is Part Of The Equation

#TakingMyTime Masturbation Month