What Is Love? Baby Don’t Hurt Me

February 13, 2020 3 min read
What Is Love? Baby Don’t Hurt Me
We asked Lustery couples what love means to them and boy, was it cute.

A chemical reaction? Butterflies? Trust? The feeling you get when somebody buys you cake? What is love? This Valentine’s Day, we asked Lustery couples for their take. Ranging from the cheeky “my dick in your mouth”, to the endearing "seeing you happy", this is what they thought about love:

Taking responsibility for your impact on somebody else is a top priority in love. Be it deciding what to have for breakfast, or where to live, holding your partner’s wellbeing at the forefront of your mind is vital. It might even make you a kinder, better person.

But you know what? Love is also about having the freedom to be your worst self. Do you have unwashed hair, untended pubes and enjoy loud shower musicals? Congratulations! You must be in love. Being appreciated for just being you is one of love’s star qualities. Finding somebody that has seen you at your worst and loves you anyway is like winning a race every single day. And what, just being around them makes you happy?! Waking up to that is a gift in itself - but it can’t hurt to show them what that means to you. 

Van Gogh once wrote that ‘what is done in love is well done,’ but do actions speak louder than words? In China, that's likely the case, where showing love is more valuable whilst in America, saying the words is important When McDonald’s brought the slogan, I’m Lovin’ It to Germany, it was argued ‘Ich liebe es’ is “too strong to be squeezed into a styrofoam box together with a fatty burger.” I suppose it depends on how strongly you feel about burgers. But clearly not everybody feels the same about the gravity of saying 'I love you', and for some it can be overused. 

For the couples we spoke to, ordering a hot chocolate, morning kisses and back rubs were some of the most cherished parts of love. But that didn’t stop them vocalising it! For the passionate Kim and Paolo, “everything is obvious but tiny little details make things different”. Saying ‘I love you’ often, demonstrates the different qualities of love that exist. Through the heavy and the light, it can't exhaust itself because it is never the same, “each I love you is felt differently

Watch the video to learn more of love’s qualities: 
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