Mikael & Jade

The basics
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    Mikael & Jade

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    23 & 24

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    Open relationship

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Mikael and Jade met through common friends when they were both moving to Patagonia. They were both at a friend’s party, when the idea came up to have Mikael do a strip tease, with everyone putting bills into Mikael’s underwear. Soon, things started heating up and the whole party ended up sharing kisses, dances, spanking and cuddles. Between subsequent meals, drugs, and parties they started to connect and became closer as time passed.

They currently live in different cities, 2 hours apart, so when they meet they tend to spend whole days in bed, having sex, smoking, eating, and watching series. They like to make love right after waking up, or before a midday siesta. They enjoy watching erotic and pornographic material and support their sex worker friends by buying their content such as videos or pictures.

Mikael and Jade share their sexuality with each other and with other friends. They enjoy watching and listening to each other fucking other people. They practice some BDSM, with Mikael in a more dom role and Jade in a more in a sub role, although they do switch on occasion. They love using sex toys like handcuffs, blindfolds, vibrators, dildos, but can also enjoy and have pleasure without them.


bedroom, breast kissing, cuddling, frombe, kissing, oral sex, piercings, short hair, tattoos, nipple sucking, trimmed pubic hair, teasing, queer, handjob, face sitting, Facial hair, aftercare, POV, Fluid bonded, Non-binary POV.

Mikael & Jade's Video Collection

Liquid Smoke
As longtime sex workers, Mikael and Jade are both very in touch with their sexuality… and each other! In their lovely Lustery debut, the nonbinary couple take their time sensually kissing and licking every inch of each other’s bodies, before sharing a post-coital smoke and cuddle.
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