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Bishop, Carmen & Lina

The basics
  • 471
  • Name:

    Bishop, Carmen & Lina

  • Age:

    35 & 23 & 38

  • Type:

    Regular lovers

  • Location:

    Berlin, Germany

  • Sex life:


It takes some rare sort of synergy to find someone who effortlessly ticks the boxes of friend, colleague, and occasional lover but in the case of Berlin-based babes Lina, Carmen and Bishop, they’ve found all that to the power of three! Bishop and Lina first met about four years ago and the two then later met Carmen in separate circumstances about two years ago. It’s a tale of hook-ups, hangouts and, yes, even hooking up and/or hanging out for work purposes but they say there’s nothing tangled or complicated about it: they’re friends first and foremost. And when the three of them are together and feel like fucking? “Things get really playful and super fun!” they say. “We laugh a lot and sex becomes the best culmination of the casual hangout with friends.” Hey, who doesn’t love when hanging out with friends ends in a naked tangle of limbs and some breathless orgasms between all the giggles? Luckily for Lustery, these friends like not only sharing with each other but with us too – check out their debut video for so much more of this gorgeous gang.


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Bishop, Carmen & Lina's Video Collection

Oral Chain of Command
Carmen is such a bossy little brat! All she needed to do was to get on the bed and be served with some delicious cock and plenty of oral action from Bishop. Her hunger knows no limits! But Bishop and Lina don't mind. She's such a delight to watch!
Full video

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