Yuna & Renn

The basics
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  • Name:

    Yuna & Renn

  • Age:

    31 & 34

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Marseilles, France

  • Sex life:


The tale of French babes’ Yuna and Renn’s romance begins roundabout the moment Yuna first saw Renn on-stage at a concert she was playing. “I thought she was so sexy and played music so well and I really wanted to meet her,” she recalls. And then it happened: mutual friends introduced the two and they started playing music together. But there was more than music between the pair; the sexual tension was electrifying too, and so they started dating with sex becoming the inevitable conclusion of each band practise. In fact, music rehearsal spaces (and the back of their van) are some of their favourite places to fuck. And, of course, there was that time in a field in broad daylight on the way back from a gig when the beautiful summer countryside landscape basically begged for them to pull over and strip down. Good thing they’re unfazed by causing a stir – rather, they relish in it. They love getting dressed up “scandalously sexy” and going out like that together. Come to think of it, “scandalously sexy” might be just the words we’d use to describe their incendiary Lustery debut too…


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Yuna & Renn's Video Collection

Birthday Bondage
In the latest Lustery crossover event, fabulous French partners Yuna and Renn decided to belatedly celebrate Yuna’s birthday with a new present: the lovely Julieta! The three recently met at a party and immediately bonded over their sexual openness and mutual interest in bondage. As we’ve seen, Julieta is really into BDSM and jumped at the opportunity to join the usually-vanilla couple for a weekend of sexy, sensual (and consensual) fun! Full of rope play, sex toys, and spanking, this wonderful submission surely “expands the possibilities of pleasure!”
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