Nick & Brina

The basics
  • 298
  • Name:

    Nick & Brina

  • Age:

    30 & 28

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Berlin, Germany

  • Sex life:


Nick and Brina met each other on Tinder, matching in the airport just as Brina was about to board her plane to fly back to Catalonia after a weekend in Berlin. Fortunately, Nick was soon going to Barcelona himself and the pair was able to meet in person in Spain. That first date ended in the best and most passionate sex in either of their lives!

From that moment onwards, the beautiful Spaniards have been partners in crime and now live together in Berlin. They love sex, passionately and lustfully experimenting with their bodies anywhere they can. Every day brings new excitement, as they have only just opened the door to new experiences and situations—including becoming a part of the Lustery community!


Living Room, Hetero, Long Hair, Brown Hair, Kissing, Oral Sex, Female Pov, Male Pov, Spit, Deep Throat, Tit Fuck, Frombe, Face-to-face, Shaved Pubic Hair, Cum, Breast Kissing, Short Hair, Tattoos, Cuddling, Piercings, Choking, Facial Hair, Rimming, Handjob, Doggy Style, POV, Fluid Bonded, Nipple Sucking.

Nick & Brina's Video Collection

Unmissable Connection
Nick and Brina very easily could have never met, since they only matched on Tinder just as Brina was in the airport leaving Berlin. We’re happy they managed to eventually connect in Barcelona, since the sexy Spaniards have produced a must-watch Lustery debut complete with passionate lovemaking, sensual rimming, and an explosive facial!
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