Luli & Corvin

The basics
  • 360
  • Name:

    Luli & Corvin

  • Age:

    25 & 37

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Murcia, Spain

  • Sex life:


Luli and Corvin met last year through a common friend that connected them over Skype, since they were both living in the same city. They decided to meet and discovered a great connection, having similar lifestyles and perspectives on the world. From the beginning, they felt at home with each other and this spark became the start of a beautiful friendship.

Over time, the pair built up a lot of trust, and initiated a common project relating to eroticism. The more they worked together, the better their connection became and the more sexual tension grew between them, until one day everything came to a head and they ended up fucking for hours in the best sex of their lives.

They are both very erotic, and usually make love every day, often more than once. The couple share many common fetishes including voyeurism, exhibitionism, bondage, and roleplaying. While they don’t have a clear-cut favorite sexual position, they enjoy all forms of sex and get particularly horny the more skin contact they share.


bedroom, breast kissing, cuddling, face-to-face, female pov, frombe, kissing, long hair, male pov, oral sex, shaved pubic hair, spanking, tattoos, nipple sucking, brown hair, deep throat, glasses, loud orgasm, moaning, sex talk, Cum, ball sucking, teasing, licking, Spanish, laughing, Facial hair, feet licking, Foot fetish, POV, Fluid bonded.

Luli & Corvin's Video Collection

Bare Necessities
Lustery is pleased to welcome Luli and Corvin for their first submission to the site! While the lovely Spanish couple describe their passion as a ‘sex bomb,’ they decided to keep things slow and sensual for their inaugural video. After much deliberate kissing and teasing, the duo strip down to nothing and make passionate love beside a giant teddy bear in a one of the sweetest scenes to date.
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