Luke & Bailey Base

The basics
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  • Name:

    Luke & Bailey Base

  • Age:

    25 & 19

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Weston, USA

  • Sex life:


Luke and Bailey describe their how-we-met story as ‘pretty basic and boring’, since they first got to know each other after Luke slid into Bailey’s DMs. Guess they must have been making up for it when they finally met in real life though: within 10 minutes of their first face-to-face ‘hello’, they were face-to-face in an altogether more racy manner – emphasis on the ‘racing’ – as Bailey straddled a driving Luke for a cowgirl position ride at 90mph down the freeway. The pair haven’t slowed down since this thrilling first fuck but now they take their time too with one of their favourite things being sex for hours all day long. This may include anything from dressing up to exploring BDSM to getting naked anywhere and everywhere. While Bailey may have ‘ghosted’ Luke when he first messaged her on Twitter, now their relationship is closer than ever. ‘Our relationship is pretty great, we both care greatly for one another and continue to push the other one to do better,’ they say.


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Luke & Bailey Base's Video Collection

An Anal Tail
Luke and Bailey have fast become one of the most talked about couples on Lustery as they document their every erotic escapade. Their latest submission shows yet another side of their thrilling sex life as the pair share their first anal video, beginning with the adorable Bailey looking even cuter with her fluffy tail butt plug before ditching the tail to make way for Luke instead. Expect jawdropping fucking from the first gasps and whimpers as the pair switch back and forth from ass to pussy before the inevitable happy ending in the form of a massive anal creampie.
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