Tania & Alex

The basics
  • 150
  • Name:

    Tania & Alex

  • Age:

    21 & 21

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Tallinn, Estonia

  • Sex life:


Tania and Alex first met six years ago studying in the same department at college. At first, Tania admits, she was very shy but that only made her all the sweeter and more intriguing to Alex. It took just one date for the Estonian couple to know that they were onto something special – confirmed by some mind-blowing sexual chemistry that still has the two channeling those instantly smitten teens six years into their relationship. Having sex sometimes two or three times a day, it’s not surprising that the pair can’t always resist until they get home – despite what you might think from their bashful beginnings, sneaky public mischievousness is one of their turn-ons as is sharing their sex life with others (lucky us!). The two also share a foot fetish (watch Tania moan as Alex caresses her feet in their Lustery debut and you’re likely to squirm with anticipation too) and enjoy light BDSM and incorporating toys into their play to send their pleasure to even more dizzying heights. Talk about a school crush all grown up.


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Tania & Alex's Video Collection

High Score!
Estonian sweethearts Tania and Alex love video games. When they’d just started seeing each other, they’d play online as a way of maintaining their connection and now, aside from a steamy sex life, it’s one of the ways they have fun in their daily lives – or, is that “combined with a steamy sex life”? Needless to say, it’s game on in their second Lustery video! Though Tania is the one with the controller, it turns out that it’s a game for two when Alex decides to play with her pussy while she’s playing PlayStation. Of course, when playing it’s only fair to take turns – Tania soon gets her turn to pleasure Alex with a sensual blow job with plenty of eye contact and first-person player perspective. Their combo moves are put to the test in a variety of fucking positions as the goal of the game becomes making each other cum. And with the kind of chemistry these two have, high scores are guaranteed!
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