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Natalie & Ryan

The basics
  • 2082
  • Name:

    Natalie & Ryan

  • Age:

    19 & 19

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Devon, UK

  • Sex life:


Natalie and Ryan met in 2015. Ryan was dating a girl who Natalie used to be friends with and when they split a few weeks later he messaged her - she knew his intentions were to annoy her. So she didn't pay much attention to him at that point. He persisted and one day he came into her work to ask her out personally. Natalie decided to believe this wasn't about his last relationship and gave him a chance for one first date: they've been together ever since, and will be soon celebrating their 3 anniversary!

Their wildest sex story is when they once drove up to this little car park down a country lane and started having sex in Ryan's car. As they had finished they got caught by the police! Whoops! Luckily, nothing really happened and they could drive away laughing at the adrenaline kick.

They have sex on average about 3/4 times a week but that changes all the time, sometimes if they have less work and more time it can be a lot more than that.

They love to be playful with bondage with handcuffs, blindfolds, bed ropes, gag balls or outfits. But most importantly they love having sex together as it brings them closer as a couple. They see sex as another level of communication and appreciate the alone time they get as precious quality time and of course trying new things!


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Natalie & Ryan 's Video Collection

Young Lust
What’s better than young love? Young Lust of course! Luckily for 19 year olds Natalie and Ryan, they are both in love, and in lust, as their first Lustery video perfectly displays!
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