Lucky & Cherry

The basics
  • 222
  • Name:

    Lucky & Cherry

  • Age:

    29 & 24

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • Sex life:


A holiday romance turned long-term-and-in-love, Rotterdam-based Cherry and Lucky have been together since 2017. Both of them love to travel and explore nature, except now they do it together meaning more often than not it’s about finding quiet spots to sneak off to for a little al fresco fucking. They reckon their first outdoor blowjob was one of their wilder sex adventures: think mountaintop head and finishing moments before another tourist rounded the bend and you’re on the right track. Of course, their bedroom adventures are pretty epic too. You’ll find them at it multiple times a day with Lucky’s lust-list including slow, sensual and sloppy blowjobs, dick massages drenched in slippery oil and using toys on Cherry’s ass while he fucks her pussy. Cherry lives up to her sweet name, loving it when Lucky eats her out. She also gets a kick out of being on top – physically and sometimes even psychologically, playing with tease-and-denial before finally taking her lucky partner (see what we did there?) of the edge with an intense and explosive orgasm. Best of all, they filming themselves fucking and sharing the red-hot results online – their breathtaking Lustery debut is proof enough.


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Lucky & Cherry's Video Collection

Playing All The Angles
Lucky and Cherry list their favorite sex positions as being 69 and doggy-style, though are quick to add “but really, we love every kind of sex”. As they make their red-hot Lustery debut (albeit in shades of blue), they live up to their word: plenty of daring doggy, some moan-inducing 69’in, oh yes, just about everything else in-between. As they tumble into new positions from missionary to reverse- and even sideways-cowgirl, it’s both a fuck-fest and a video sure to hit all the right spots…
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