Katya & Paul

The basics
  • 261
  • Name:

    Katya & Paul

  • Age:

    30 & 30

  • Type:

    Primary partners

  • Location:

    La Calera, Colombia

  • Sex life:


It’s not every romance that begins with an unlikely flirtation between a belly dancer and a vampire but for Colombian couple Katya and Paul, their costume party kiss was the dizzying first chapter in a tale that’s been as erotic as it has enduring. Together for 14 years now, the pair say that they have sex two or three times a week and love to share their sex life with other people, allowing Katya to get in touch with her bisexual side whether it’s with other couples or threesomes with other women – one of their favourite constellations. When they’re not in a three-way tangle of lust and limbs, Katya’s favourite positions are doggy and missionary and she loves receiving oral sex (a good thing too, since Paul adores giving it), while he likes her to lean into it sitting on top of him on a chair.


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Katya & Paul's Video Collection

Making a Splash
When Colombian cuties Katya and Paul say that they might have found paradise, they’re not kidding. The lush green jungle surrounds, idyllic secluded swimming pool and views of a thundering waterfall in the distance don’t hurt but it’s the spectacular outdoor fuck (including dreamy underwater footage) that really takes this scene from beautiful to blissful.
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