Introducing: Fa & Lu

Category: Couple News

“Who says 2020 wasn’t a great year? It’s all a matter of perspective,” say Fa and Lu. And when you see their perspective, it’s hard not to agree! Reflecting back on a year marked by a global pandemic, they reckon it took going through Covid together and taking care of each other through that for them to realise that they were meant to be. The experience was also enough to trigger a whole new start, moving away from the city to the countryside, starting a new bakery project “and, of course, enjoying ourselves mentally and physically to the fullest!”

These days, life is blissful. “Breakfast starts with a good fuck and a strong black coffee,” they say, and by the sounds of it, things stay as passionate, energised, simple and fulfilling for the rest of the day. “A typical day involves a morning blowjob followed by some tender face sitting to start the engines. And, of course, a shower together is a must.”

They compare their relationship to the wonderful breads that come out of their bakery. “Every wild yeast bread that comes out of our ovens has been designed, tried-out, verified, kneaded, baked, scored and packed in a symphony of four tender but strong hands. That's us: wild yeast all the time.”

And speaking of ‘wild’, this adventurous pair have a thing for public places and any sex acts that involve an audience (we’re looking at you, Lustery viewers). “Traffic jams, hiking trails, balconies and more balconies! Perhaps our most adventurous (and kinky) tale would be visiting the same balcony over and over again to the point of developing a specific schedule for the emerging audience to stare at us from their barely open curtains,” they laugh. “Yes, we see you too!” They confess that they also adore playing with remote controlled vibrators in public settings but other than that, prefer to get creatives with their hands, fingers and tongues.

We can’t wait to see what they have in store for Lustery – and we’re pretty sure they can’t wait to show us!