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Scarlett & Felix

The basics
  • 174
  • Name:

    Scarlett & Felix

  • Age:

    28 & 33

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Yorkshire, UK

  • Sex life:


“Cosmic” couple Scarlett Lust and Felix Bayne can credit their involvement in the swingers’ scene for their getting together. Well, that and the staggering amount they have in common, their undeniable sexual chemistry and their hunger for hedonistic experiences. It was an impressive enough mix that five years later, they’re still together and a “a bit of fun” has turned into a full-on love story with a decidedly explicit side to boot. They reckon they fuck about five times a week “ranging from weekday quickies to late-night weekends until the early hours”. They make no secret of always being horny for each other and enjoy most sex acts. Their X-rated adventures might involve bondage and role-playing one day and a threesome the next (or, we imagine, all of the above), and they love playing with dildos, restraints, and butt plugs. And what do you do when your sex life is that hot? You share it, of course!


bedroom, black hair, breast kissing, cuddling, face-to-face, female pov, kissing, long hair, male pov, shaved pubic hair, short hair, tattoos, nipple sucking, brown hair, moaning, trimmed pubic hair, living room, biting, doggy style, POV, Fluid bonded, Blowjob, cunnilingus, communication, knee high socks, reverse cowgirl, hetero, fucking with clothes, Body hair, masturbating, laughing, car, dirty talk, public sex, fingering, deep throat, blindfold, Colorful hair, Kinky, Lingerie, handjob, stockings, Vertical.

Scarlett & Felix's Video Collection

Picking A Toy!
We had a little spare time so thought we'd get out the "toy box" and have a little fun with Scarlett's lovely pussy...
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