Natalia & Dorian

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    Natalia & Dorian

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    25 & 37

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    Closed relationship

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    United States

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American couple Natalia and Dorian have mutual friends, a house party and, oh yeah, incredible chemistry to thank for them first hooking up. Their connection was immediate and undeniable, with Natalia, who was 18 at the time, saying, “Dorian is my first love and first real, loving, relationship.” They moved in together not long after they met, and now married, are underway with their next big move and a whole new adventure. They’re well prepared though, describing their relationship as “crazy”, and in all the right ways. “We laugh hard, love hard, even fight hard. But we always forgive each other and know we’re each other’s forever loves.” Their sex life reflects their intensity of their romance too, with the pair having sex at least four or five days a week, and with plenty of attention to foreplay and pleasure.

Most of their sex session begin with oral sex – and for good reason. “Dorian loves to go down on me and is so freaking good at it!” Natalia says. They also reckon public sex is sometimes worth the risk of getting caught. Just take the time they had sex in a park in the middle of the day. “No one was around, we promise… we think!” they laugh. Of course, doing it in full view on Lustery is a different story. “We really hope you enjoy watching our new journey,” they say. “We hope to open up even more and be even happier than we are now.”


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Natalia & Dorian's Video Collection

Butt Wait, There’s More
Quickie though this may be, Natalia and Dorian are packing as much into this intense and intimate sex session as they can – and that includes quite literally, thanks to a beautiful new butt plug. Neither Natalia or Dorian had ever done any type of anal, so they decided to give it a try – on camera! Natalia says she loved the look and feel of the anal plug, while Dorian loved putting it inside of her and how her ass looks with the jewel in it. Watch them experience new heights of pleasure together as they share this unforgettable first with Lustery.
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