Introducing: Scarlett & Felix

Category: Couple News

Five years ago, the lovers were just two singles “looking for a bit of fun” in the swinger scene. What they found was, well, fun, undoubtedly, but more importantly… each other! Though Felix still teases Scarlett about the fact that despite all they had in common, she still ‘sent me home packing’ the day they met. However, you can’t say playing hard to get didn’t pay off – the happy pair are still together, still playing, still swinging, and now creating smut too.

They describe their relationship as very sexually active and with a typical week in their sex life including anything from thrilling weekday quickies to late-night weekends where they fuck until the early hours. They also reckon that they never get tired of each other – and who can be surprised? With their appetite for adventure, hedonistic experiences and new kicks, there’s always something exciting going on, both in and outside of the bedroom.

Their most adventurous sex story involved its fair share of misadventure too. They went for a shag in the woods, only for Felix to get his car stuck out there in the middle of nowhere. “I had to send her home in a taxi and sleep in my car,” he laughs. Good thing there are plenty of other equally hot but less in need of roadside assistance sexcapades too – for example, their many, many threesomes.

Along with threesomes, the swinging couple also love bondage, role playing, enjoying dildos, restraints and butt plugs, oral and doggy. And their favourite spot to have sex? “Everywhere we can!” they say – including right here on Lustery screens!

Podcast Transcript: