Mike & Evie

The basics
  • 453
  • Name:

    Mike & Evie

  • Age:

    33 & 28

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Novosibirsk, Russia

  • Sex life:


What’s the secret to being comfortable with your partner 24/7 and being as in love as ever even seven years into marriage? According to Siberian couple Mike and Evie, they’ve found the sweet spot: a similar sense of humour, shared life values and matching rampant libidos. “We love sex and like to learn new things to improve our skills,” they say. “Sex, for us, is a kind of art.” And sharing their passion is about more than being unafraid to talk about fantasies and fetishes – they also actually share, with their open relationship meaning MFF threesomes and even foursomes aren’t unusual in their bedroom. Not that a couple this horny and sexually adventurous can be confined to the bedroom… “We love sex in unusual places,” they confess, listing the forest, office, balcony, car and even a busy train as just a few of the places where they’ve gotten off. On-screen for Lustery will be their newest adventure – and, based on their debut alone, one of the most exciting…


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Mike & Evie's Video Collection

Siberian XXX
Forget what you think you know about Siberia because if one thing is clear from the blistering Lustery debut, it’s that Russian lovers Mike and Evie are turning up the heat. Beginning with some slow and sensual making out, it’s only a matter of time before their lips stray elsewhere for some his-and-hers oral that has Evie teasing Mike to erect with the tip of her tongue. The pace and passion continue to pick up from there with face fucking, pounding in various positions and hard orgasms all ‘round.
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