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Dima & Nastya

The basics
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    Dima & Nastya

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    25 & 21

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    Closed relationship

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Dima and Nastya first met about three years ago through a local dating app. Though the incredible natural chemistry on full display in their breath-taking and cum-soaked Lustery debut may lead you to believe otherwise, it was not “crazy love at first sight” for these kinky cuties. Instead it was a slow burn – a “nice feeling growing over time” – and things have only gotten hotter. Take, for example, the Russian pair’s dedicated ‘Sex Days’. The first and the main rule of the ‘Sex Day’,” they say, “is you can’t do anything on this day besides having sex. You can’t wear clothes and you can only eat to recover your energy in pauses.” And from rim jobs to sex toys, these two intend to leave no kink unexplored, with Dima’s biggest turn-ons being when Nastya goes without panties in public and hers being swallowing Dima’s cum and outdoor fucking. Of course, they have their romantic sides too: they love the face-to-face intimacy of missionary position and say that they usually have sex every day. “If we don’t, we feel as if something is missing.”


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Dima & Nastya's Video Collection

Through The Looking Glass
There’s something very meta – not to mention mega hot – about watching kinky Russian pair Dima and Nastya watching themselves in the mirror and getting increasingly aroused by what they see. As they tease each other and flirt with their reflections, it’s only a matter of time before a grinning Nastya is on her knees and Dima, both cameraman and star of the show, is rock-hard between her lips. Expect a toe-curling cameo appearance from one of the pair’s favourite toys and enough breathtaking chemistry that it’s no surprise they get a kick out of watching themselves because we do too.
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