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Lydia & Chris

The basics
  • 1533
  • Name:

    Lydia & Chris

  • Age:

    24 & 25

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Salt Lake City, USA

  • Sex life:


Lydia and Chris met at work, which is a lot less cliche than it sounds. They were working for a wilderness therapy company and ended up sleeping next to (not with!) each other for two full weeks because they were assigned to supervise a student during the night. Conversations led to hanging out, sleeping over, many adventures, and finally love. Due to the nature of the job, they actually don't see much of each other. But when they do, however, they make sure that they spend their time... ahem... wisely. They have sex, on average, probably every other day. But, since they see each other only every other week, when they do see each other, they REALLY see each other.

Both of them grew up in religious communities where sex was a mysterious and even shameful thing, so experimenting as a couple has been a rebellion and a revelation. They are always excited to try new things – from handcuffs and blindfolds, to anal, to car sex, to hammock positions, to anything and everything they want. Despite the adventurous energy in their relationship, they love the classic cowgirl and missionary positions, and the simple joys of shower sex and oral play (which Lydia is specially proficient). They are excited to grow together as a couple, to grow more confident in their sexual desires, and to grow in life experiences and adventures.

Their sex lives before meeting one another were fairly vanilla, and since they've been together, they both discovered a very latent but intense drive to be more risky. After getting drinks at an arcade bar one night, they were walking back to their car and, with the help of some liquid courage, slipped into the bushes for a very sneaky, very passionate blowjob. Lydia even managed to get a few twigs and leaves stuck in her hair, which Chris keep as naughty mementos in his car.


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Lydia & Chris's Video Collection

Hotel Eclipse of the Heart
Lydia and Chris both work a lot, meaning the time they spend together is precious, even more so the time spent in the bedroom. For their first Lustery video the couple are in a hotel in Salt Lake City, where they plan on adding exhibitionism to their ever growing list of sexual adventures!
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