Introducing: Mike & Evie

Category: Couple News

Russian pair Mike and Evie have plenty in common: a similar sense of humour, shared values and, oh yeah, crazy high libidos… It’s not surprising that the two hit it off, initially stumbling upon each other by chance on a social network. Six months after they met, they were married, say the couple, who have now been together for seven years.

A long list of similarities is key to them still being as utterly in love now as they were in the early days of their relationship, and a mutual passion for sex and trying new things in the bedroom – and beyond! – has kept them equally in lust too. “Sex, for us, is a kind of art,” they explain. “We don't feel shy talking about any of our desires, fantasies and fetishes.” They have an open relationship too, so sharing their kinks is frequently about more than just talk. “We've tried MFF threesomes and even foursomes,” they say, adding that bisexual Evie gets horny from being tied up, while pretty feet and redheaded girls drive Mike wild. And they both love beautiful girls!

They’re also big fans of fucking in unusual places – think the forest, office, the balcony at Evie’s mum’s place (“She wasn’t at home!” she laughs), the car and even a busy train at midday. They admit that they might have been caught on the train – someone noticed them and then pretended not to – but that didn’t stop them… “The sexual experiences we've had in life have been awesome and we are not going to stop our sex adventures.”

Their latest adventure? Joining Lustery, of course. As long-time fans of seeing real sex and emotions on-screen, sharing their passion on the site felt only natural – and we’re only too happy to welcome them to the community!