Lucía & Dylan

The basics
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  • Name:

    Lucía & Dylan

  • Age:

    25 & 27

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Madrid, Spain

  • Sex life:


Based on the fact that they have sex at least two or three times a day, start and end their days fucking, and use any opportunity in between (“in the shower, in the kitchen while making breakfast”) to get each other naked and get off, you might think that passionate Spanish pair Lucía and Dylan are still in the early days of their romance. In fact, it was 10 years ago that the lovers first set eyes – and lips, tongues and hands – on each other at a mutual friend’s birthday party, and they’ve been obsessed ever since.

A stable relationship founded on trust and a shared enthusiasm for exploration and new experience means that far from experiencing jealousy, they love watching each other with other people. And their kinks don’t end there… “Our biggest fetish is anal sex and spit play,” they say, detailing how Lucía loves to have Dylan dilate her asshole with some slow finger play “and then stick his cock in me really hard”. They also adore oral sex and finishing in each other’s mouths, getting slick and slippery with lubricating oils and introducing toys into their intimate play.

“The bed, the car and the pool are our favorite places to have sex,” they say, “although in summer, we love to do it in any public place with the danger of getting caught.” (Take, for instance, the time they did it in a public bathroom at a water park.) Knowing that someone could be touching themselves while watching them is a major turn-on for the couple and all the reason you need to hit ‘play’ on their awesome Lustery debut.


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Lucía & Dylan's Video Collection

A Getaway to Remember
What better way to start their Lustery journey than with a trip of a different type? Luckily for us, Madrid-based life partners Lucía and Dylan have invited us along, and – especially lucky for us – they’re horny. As the pair get settled into their getaway apartment, making themselves at home means stripping each other off as quickly as possible. This passionate debut showcases some of their lust list faves, like doggy style fucking, her on top, plenty of moan-out-loud oral and teasing toys to make for one unforgettable sex session.
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