Introducing: Lucia & Dylan

Category: Couple News

Lucía and Dylan have a mutual friend’s birthday party to thank for their meeting. While everyone else was enjoying cake, they were enjoying each other. “We started talking, dancing, touching each other and things got really hot that night. We ended up hiding in a corner of our friend's house, devouring each other's mouths, caressing each other's necks, touching each other and getting really horny.”

Ten years later and things are still as passionate as they were on that fateful night, and it all comes down to sharing – with each other and beyond. As the smitten twosome explain, “We have a stable and consolidated relationship of total trust, we love sex, learning new things and having experiences with other couples. It turns us both on a lot to see another person having sex with our partner while we masturbate watching.”

They adore oral sex, doggy style, her on top, spanking and playing with lubricating oils to finish with delicious and slippery anal sex, and a typical day in their sex life involves starting and ending the day with one routine that never gets old: fucking. “In bed, in the shower, in the kitchen while making breakfast… any time in our day is a good time to have sex,” they say.

And, if their most adventurous X-rated escapade is anything to go by, so is any place. As they tell it, one summer they went on vacation with some friends and while they were there, they all went to a water park. One grope led to another and they got so horny that they went to a public bathroom and “fucked like crazy”. “When we came out everyone had heard us,” they laugh, “but we had such a good time.”

Other favorite lusty locales are the car and the pool, although they especially love any public place with the danger of getting caught. “It makes us very horny to think that someone is watching us and touching themselves while watching us.” And now that they’re on Lustery, we’re certain that they’ve come to the right place!