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July & Larc

The basics
  • 157
  • Name:

    July & Larc

  • Age:

    23 & 33

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Berlin, Germany

  • Sex life:


When July and Larc first connected more than a year ago via a dating app in the hedonistic city of Berlin, it was definitely a sex thing. A right swipe led to a hook-up, which led to another and another… and – eventually – the acknowledgement that there might be some feelings in the mix too. “As we both have commitment issues these steps were very small but today we share a deep love with tons of amazing sexual experiences,” they say. Playful from the get-go, their deepening beyond has allowed for plenty of blissful exploration. “Often, we enjoy long sex session – luckily we are synced very well with our lust, edge and ride the wave of pleasure together as long as possible,” they explain. And, of course, there’s a shared eagerness to try the “weird shit” too (like, say, Larc experimentally putting a toe in July’s ass). They love getting it on in public, from daytime anal under a bridge near Larc’s work to a late-night train ride that turned into a ride of a completely different type once they realised they were alone. Balancing out the thrills, is a slow, emotional and sweet side too – no more beautifully on display than in their blisteringly hot Lustery debut.


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July & Larc's Video Collection

Sensual Intentions
There’s no sexier foreplay than… talking about your desires and setting intentions for your sex sessions – something Berlin-based lovers July and Larc know well after a more than a year of unforgettable sex. Today’s intention: slowing it all down and savouring every moment. It makes for a blisteringly hot Lustery debut of almost 90 minutes that is all about languid teasing, drawn out pleasure and toe-curling orgasms.
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