Introducing: July & Larc

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“I saw Larc’s profile and remember this one picture where he smiled so adorably,” reminisces July. That smile led to a swipe, that swipe led to a sex date two days later, and that sex date? Oh, it led to many, many more. After a few months of hook-ups, the playful pair realised there was something more there and they started to get to know each other beyond their obvious chemistry in the bedroom. “Today, we share a deep love with tons of amazing sexual experiences,” they say.

Romance, play, adventure and fun are integral to their relationship, they explain, which might go a long way towards explaining some of their jaw-dropping sex stories. Take, for example, the time July went to surprise Larc during his break at work: not only did the two sneak off for a passionate quickie, but they did it under a nearby bridge – and it was anal! There was also the time when, on a night train home, they realised they were all alone and seized their chance. “Larc started undressing me and sucking on my nipple,” recalls July. “I took his dick out of his pants and guided it under my skirt, sliding it in my pussy… At the next station a guy got in and sat two booths behind us. He didn‘t say anything, so we just continued and got even more wild knowing he was watching.”

And it’s not just a thing for public play that these bold babes have in common. “We have a strong daddy-girl-dynamic. July really likes consensual sleep rape play, which we love to engage in. Sometimes we do bondage and recently we’ve gotten into watersports. We are into consensual free use, spanking, pegging, lubeplay and, besides all this, we value kissing, tantric play and try to a have emotional sex and with a deep connection.” How deep? Watch their sensually intentionally Lustery debut and find out!

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