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Fedora & Fabio

The basics
  • 198
  • Name:

    Fedora & Fabio

  • Age:

    23 & 23

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Granada, Spain

  • Sex life:


Fedora calls Fabio her sunshine, while he confesses that his best orgasms are when the two of them are locking lips… Hard to believe then that there was a time when these two former teenage platonic pals had zero chemistry and couldn’t imagine themselves together in a relationship. It was only after being urged to by their group of friends that they first a kissed – an experience they say was “so strange” at the time but, as it turns out, that set the wheels of romance in motion for the Granada-based pair.

Now ‘official’ since 2018, the pair live together and have an open relationship. It’s an arrangement founded on mutual respect and being open and discussing everything. And keeping an open mind is as important when it comes to fucking. Fabio is a switch and Fedora is a Domme, meaning not only are they perfectly matched but that BDSM plays a big part in their sex life. And so too do sex toys: from male masturbators and anal plugs to vibrators and oils, this passionate pair loves digging in their toy box for ways to enhance their pleasure, and even using remote-controlled vibes for public play. After all, they say, there’s a lot more to sex than simply penetration, and it’s a message they want to spread – beginning with right here on Lustery...


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Fedora & Fabio's Video Collection

VLOG: Four’s The Merrier
There’s a first time for everything and Lustery’s latest – and best attended – vlog is packed full of them is we present our very first foursome video featuring two of our sexiest couples, Silky and Velvet from Italy and Spanish sweeties Fedora and Fabio. It’s double trouble and twice the thrills as the gang descend upon beautiful Málaga and – as they lose their inhibitions – each other. As they move first from the patio, then in the huge tub and finally in the bedroom, sharing in every moment of decadent pleasure, you can bet this blisteringly hot submission is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.
Full video

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