Armin & Milena

The basics
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  • Name:

    Armin & Milena

  • Age:

    36 & 26

  • Type:

    Primary partners

  • Location:

    Vienna, Austria

  • Sex life:

    Oh yeah!

It’s clear, just moments into their jaw-dropping Lustery debut, that enamoured Vienna-based couple Armin and Milena can’t get enough of each other. We’re guessing it might have something to do with the fact that for the first year of their relationship, the then-long-distance lovers didn’t. They’re sure making up for lost time now though, frequently fucking several times a day and often anywhere where the mood strikes. “A nice adventure we had was in a hammock on the side of a pedestrian walk and another was at the bottom of a climbing wall in the woods,” they say, adding that there’s nothing better for them than
“combining traveling and exploring our bodies whilst spontaneously finding new positions”.

One of the skills they no doubt honed while being long distance is communication, and their ability to always talk and ask for feedback has benefits in their sex life too. “We believe that all the communication we do really helped us get to a level of the hottest, longest and craziest orgasms!” they say. Being huge fans of sex toys has also levelled up their bedroom game: Milena loves her clit-sucking vibrator while Armin likes to use a dildo for himself while pleasuring Milena or during sex. Also high up on their lust lists, Milena’s “beautiful, firm tits” for Armin and giving Armin anal orgasms for Milena.


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Armin & Milena's Video Collection

That’s One Way to Warm Up
On holiday in snowy Austria, it’s no surprise that a couple as fiery as Armin and Milena knows the best way to warm up… Starting on the sofa with Armin’s head between Milena’s legs, it’s not long before the icy weather outside is forgotten and stripping down is the only option. It just takes a flick of Milena’s tongue across Armin’s nipples to get him rock hard and squirming with pleasure, and with multiple position changes, incredible POV action and Milena’s favourite sex toy making an appearance, it’s hot, hotter, red-hot from there…
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