Jeany & Flo

The basics
  • 328
  • Name:

    Jeany & Flo

  • Age:

    31 & 31

  • Type:

    Regular lovers

  • Location:

    Hamburg, Germany

  • Sex life:


Based in Hamburg, Germany, relationship anarchists Jeany and Flo might not define their connection by any conventional standards (“we’re in a relationship with each other but not in a partnership,” they explain) but what it is characterized by is good communication and scorching-hot sex – and lots of it. From exploring BDSM, with their dynamic having evolved to one where they both now consider themselves to be switches, to anal play (both love giving and receiving) and golden showers, the adventurous German lovers aren’t the type for paint-by-numbers fucking either, choosing instead to let experimentation lead – sometimes all the way out of the bedroom to play parties and swingers events. The two say that knowing others are watching them having sex is a huge-turn – “our plan is to get arrested at some point in our lives for having public sex, they laugh – making them as excited about shooting for Lustery as we are about watching them.


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Jeany & Flo's Video Collection

Flavor of the Day
German lovers Jeany and Flo opt to start things off simple for their Lustery debut – though as they say, “Our idea of vanilla might be very different from yours.” Starting with a massage that gets a lot more than just hands-on, the video’s first POV shot of Flo’s tongue hungrily seeking out Jeanie’s ass is enough to indicate that the pair’s idea of everyday is anything but bland. The two say that they get off on being watched, and with multiple position changes, toys and POV shots so intimate you can almost taste the sweat, it’s almost as good as being there – they definitely won’t be the only ones getting off.
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