Introducing: Armin & Milena

Category: Couple News

We’re not too sure of the story behind Armin and Milena’s romance but we are certain the best is yet to come with long distances traded for close quarters.

The lovers, now both based in Vienna, say that they’ve been together about two years, with the first year of their relationship spent long distance and frequently lusting from afar. It’s said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and for these insatiable lovebirds, the same clearly applied in a much more physical sense too, and they now take advantage of each other’s proximity to fuck several times a day.

The pair are self-confessed sex toy enthusiasts, have a thing for choking and biting, and say that they like to mix up where they get it on as much as they like to mix up how they get it on. “We really love to combine traveling and exploring our bodies while spontaneously finding new positions,” they explain. “Since Milena discovered the masturbator, we like positions where her clitoris has space for the toy to suck. Armin, on the other hand, likes to use a dildo for himself while pleasuring Milena or during sex.”

Their enthusiasm for ‘exploration’ has also led to some pretty wild erotic exploits, including sex in a hammock on the side of a pedestrian walk, at the bottom of a climbing wall in the woods and, most recently, making the most of a countryside getaway by going for it in a bed of straw. The one constant in their sex life, however, is communication. “We believe that all the communication we do really helped us get to a level of the hottest, longest and craziest orgasms!” the say. “Also, all this talking and asking for feedback really assures us that we are consensual and feel good about what we are doing.”

Sounds hot? We’ll let their phenomenal Lustery debut do the talking on that one – don’t miss it!