Kim & Leo

The basics
  • 195
  • Name:

    Kim & Leo

  • Age:

    22 & 31

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Siegen, Germany

  • Sex life:


When Kim and Leo first met each other at work, they decided to “have a little bit of fun together”. Four years – and plenty of fun – later, and the German couple are still making the most out of every moment together, and yes, we do mean every moment. Take the first time they fucked outdoors, for example. It was one of those glorious summer days that gets us all hot and bothered for all the right reasons and Kim couldn’t shake her horniness, even though she was sure there’d be no time for sex. On a hike, she shared some of her dirty thoughts with Leo and it wasn’t long before they were turning fantasy into reality just a little way off the path. And their openness to explore is just as prevalent in the bedroom. “We usually fuck every day,” they say, “and we love to try out new things.” Whether they’re exploring with their fingers, tongues or toys, discovering each other’s erogenous zones keeps these two coming ¬– and cumming – back for more. And now, as they make their stunning Lustery debut, we’ve been invited along…


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Kim & Leo's Video Collection

In Their Element
There are lazy days on the couch and then there are lusty days on the couch… No prizes for guessing which type of day it is for German couple Kim and Leo as they make their sensational Lustery debut. Featuring some of their self-confessed favorites like doggy-style and Leo eagerly licking both Kim’s pussy and ass to the soundtrack of her escalating moans and gasps, there are also some unexpected but very welcome surprises (think sensual toe-sucking and, at one point, a firm hand around the throat). Either way, these two are in their element.
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