Sir & Princess

The basics
  • 65
  • Name:

    Sir & Princess

  • Age:

    37 & 24

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Leuven, Belgium

  • Sex life:


Some would say that it takes a special kind of kinky to, rather than limiting your dominant-submissive dynamic to play-time and BDSM scenes, decide to adopt it as a 24/7 lifestyle. But when you get to know the Belgium-based 24/7 D/s-embracing pair Sir and Princess, you realise it’s not just a special kind of kinky but a special connection too – and they have both in abundance!

It might come as no surprise that this deviant duo first met on a kinky dating app. “It just so happened that we lived five minutes from each other. We went on one first date – on which there was no sex! – and have been inseparable ever since.” Not content with keeping their dominant and submissive sides confined to the bedroom, they’ve incorporated this dynamic into their everyday lives with Sir taking charge of the sexual and nonsexual aspects of their lives, and Princess happy to be his dedicated, well, princess for him to play with as he likes.

Of course, consent is central for the pair, and constant communication has allowed them to explore limits and boundaries together and renegotiate them whenever needed. They love choking, impact play and wax play and Sir has peed on Princess as well as indulging his smoking fetish by using her as an ashtray. Don’t miss their Lustery debut to see just how many of their kinks they manage to fit into one red-hot submission…


male pov, hetero, living room, ropes, bdsm, handjob, mouthfuck, wax play, bondage, Kinky, POV, Fluid bonded, restraints, Creampie, Blowjob, dirty talk, submission, ddlg, fingering, Humilation.

Sir & Princess's Video Collection

Wax On, Get Off
Sir and Princess lead a 24/7 D/s lifestyle, meaning that there’s never a time that Princess is not in service to Sir. For their Lustery debut, they detail the ins and outs of their incredible kinky dynamic, and then detail the ins-and-outs a little more literally in a red-hot wax play and bondage scene that showcases the erotic thrill and powerful intimacy of dominance and submission.
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