Introducing: Sir & Princess

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For some, kink is for special occasions, an opportunity to deviate from conventional ‘vanilla’ sex. However, this pair is choosing deviance every day!

Kink has always been integral to the dominant Sir and his submissive Princess’s relationship – to the extent that they even met on a kinky dating app calledKinkD. When the pair, who are based in Belgium, discovered that they lived only five minutes away from each other, they agreed to a first date – and the rest, as they say, is history (with plenty of kinky twists, for good measure).

“We live a 24/7 Dom/sub lifestyle,” the playful couple says, explaining that this means that Sir is always in charge and even in non-sexual aspects, Princess wants Sir’s control. “We have rituals built into our daily lives, sexual and nonsexual. For example, Princess isn’t allowed to get into bed before Sir, so she waits on her knees for him. Sir also chooses what she wears – makeup and clothes – particularly for dates, play, and special outings. Princess wears a collar locked on her 24/7 to mark Sir’s ownership and protection. Sir also chooses when and how sexual things occur, with and without other people. Princess makes Sir cum at least once a day, usually more.”

While it’s a dynamic that may be unimaginable for some, Sir and Princess say that constant communication means that they’re always able to renegotiate and change limits and boundaries frequently. “This is all consensual and for us that is essential,” they say. They’ve found ways to explore more extreme sides of sex and power exchange conscientiously and safely, using safe words and constant check-ins. As Princess puts it, she’s not only Sir’s property but also his responsibility.

“We love to do kinky things, usually on the more extreme side–choking, impact play, wax play, Sir has peed on Princess, used her as an ashtray...” they say.“Princess also has a ‘little’ side when she wears diapers, drinks sippy cups, and sucks on pacifiers, and Sir acts as her caring Daddy when she goes little.” 

For these two kinksters, going back to a ‘vanilla’ relationship is out of the question. “We’re very happy in this lifestyle,” they say – and we’re happy to welcome them to Lustery!

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