Lee & Rei

The basics
  • 57
  • Name:

    Lee & Rei

  • Age:

    33 & 40

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Gainesville, USA

  • Sex life:


Don’t let their height difference fool you: Lee and Rei, a married couple living in Florida, are two peas in a (very kinky) pod. The two first met “eons ago” but it was another chance encounter – what they call a “strike of fate” ¬– in 2019 that sealed the deal. They started dating soon after that, becoming inseparable, and were married by May of 2020. If the zentai suits and matching high-heels don’t give away the fact that fetish comes first for these two, their long and detailed list of their kinks will: think bondage, restraints, cosplay, roleplay, dressing up, feminization, peg-play, erotic photography, wet n' messy, latex, zentai, sex toys, tease and denial, CFNM (clothed female naked males), and public, private, paid and even commissioned exhibitionism! They also enjoy a female-led relationship, meaning Lee is the one in charge. “I call the shots in our sex life and content,” she explains. “Rei is allowed an opinion, but at the end of the day, he's my sex slave.” Playing with dominant and submissive power dynamics is such an integral part of their relationship that they even run a monthly fetish web magazine called Side of Light that explores their sexual interests. Other interests include “doing everything from artwork to hiking together”. And, of course, documenting their deliciously dirty sex life – watch their mesmerising Lustery debut to find out more…


Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Communication, Stockings, Cross Dressing.

Lee & Rei's Video Collection

Kink Attracts Kink
Making their mesmerizing Lustery debut in matching outfits, down to their fishnets, knee socks and high heels, it fast becomes apparent this is where being equal begins and ends for newcomers Lee and Rei – after all, in this bedroom Lee calls the shots. It’s a cute and kinky first submission from the fetish-loving pair that explores their passion for dressing up and feminization, sex toys, and tease and denial.
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