Silky & Velvet

The basics
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  • Name:

    Silky & Velvet

  • Age:

    29 & 34

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Turin, Italy

  • Sex life:


When Silky and Velvet first heard about each other, long before they even met, they couldn’t help but be intrigued – he was the ‘crazy, travelling uncle’ that little boys she babysat would always talk about, and she was the ‘gorgeous babysitter’ Velvet’s brother had mentioned to him. When they did eventually meet in the last days of winter almost two years ago, by the first days of spring their new love was blossoming and revealing sides of each other – and themselves – that they were eager to explore. The bisexual Italian babes felt, for the first time, able to open up about their needs and desires, so beginning an exciting and oftentimes X-rated journey together. “Filming ourselves was the first big step and it all started on a hammock on a beach in Croatia,” they say. “Then we started camming and in December we had our first threesome.” Several more steps have been taken since, including beginning to explore anal sex, BDSM and pegging. Velvet now counts getting fucked with the strap-on as one of his favourite things, along with making Silky squirt (you don’t want to miss their intense debut if you love the latter). “We love the fact that this exploration is taking us on this amazing, deep and long journey within ourselves,” they say. Of course, we love that it has brought them to Lustery screens.


Bedroom, Hetero, Long Hair, Brown Hair, Kissing, Oral Sex, Moaning, Male Pov, Trimmed Pubic Hair, Sex Talk, Deep Throat, Frombe, Face-to-face, Shaved Pubic Hair, Italian, Tattoos, Fucking With Clothes, Cuddling, Mirror, Mouthfuck, Squirt, Facial Hair, Rimming, Feet Licking, Pulling Hair, Handjob, Doggy Style, POV, Swallow, Blowjob, Cunnilingus, 4some, Double Blowjob, Swinging.

Silky & Velvet's Video Collection

Good, Wetter, Best
Indulgent Italian lovers Silky and Velvet say that for them it was just about love at first sight, so it makes sense that they’ve plunged into their Lustery debut feet first – literally. Beginning with Velvet sucking on Silky’s toes, it’s just a matter of time, giggles and gasps before he’s worked his way up to the main course. Showcasing their love of experimentation, the two gleefully fuck through an array of positions and play with power dynamics as they play with each other. It also features another of their favourite things: making Silky squirt. Watch until the end for a suitably explosive finale.
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