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Ava & Aaron

The basics
  • 1205
  • Name:

    Ava & Aaron

  • Age:

    34 & 33

  • Type:

    Primary partners

  • Location:

    Las Tumbas, Costa Rica

  • Sex life:


Based predominantly in steamy Costa Rica, Ava and Aaron’s romance was ignited somewhere even hotter around a year ago: Burning Man. After camping together, the two hit it off and – fittingly – their sex life has been blazingly hot ever since. Sex and discovery go hand-in-hand for the very hands-on pair (watch their sensual Lustery debut and you’ll know what we’re talking about): whether it’s finding new ways to come or simply new ways to turn each other on, exploration takes a turn for the X-rated when they’re together. Of course, sometimes this can be literal too, like the time they went for a mountain hike and ended up getting more cardio than they’d bargained on with an out-in-the-open garden quickie along the way. “It was unplanned and was partially instigated by us playing with fruit from the garden. We started kissing, then touching, and then we decided to leave the trail because it was clear we were not going to stop there! We managed to stop just before the group behind us made it to the garden, but they almost certainly heard us. Can't say we cared!” It’s far from all quickies for these two though – marathon sex session of an hour or even more are much more their speed (sometimes up to five times a day). Lately, their slowed-down and sexed-up play involves combining fingering and oral for earth-shaking orgasms. “It's a new thing,” they say, “but there is very little we don't like together!”


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Ava & Aaron's Video Collection

Tantric Yoniverse
Deep in the jungles of Costa Rica, there’s no need to rush anything – especially not pleasure. It’s from this lush haven that one of Lustery’s most languorous pairs, Ava Genna and Aaron, make their jaw-dropping third submission that while bringing the pace down to a syrupy crawl dials the intensity higher and higher. On a balcony overlooking the verdant scenery, the lovers kick things off with a sensual yoni massage and a shudderingly powerful orgasm in response – and that’s only for starters…
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