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    Buffy & Jack

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    26 & 33

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    Closed relationship

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Like many people nowadays, Buffy and Jack met through social media and initially began communicating online from different cities. After a little while, they decided to take the plunge and meet each other face to face. When Buffy arrived at Jack’s place, she found he’d romantically run her a bath to relax after the long journey. Whether tired or simply comfortable after talking with him every day, Buffy almost immediately invited Jack to join her and the two found themselves fucking just half an hour after meeting for the first time.

From that point on, things became more serious and Jack soon decided to make the return trip to Buffy’s city. He liked it so much that he ending up staying, and the charming Brits have been together ever since. Buffy’s work as a cam model makes her a natural exhibitionist, and her work got Jack interested in using sex toys in the bedroom. They’ve tried a lot of things together, including exploring several new kinks that neither had done before.

Sexually, the couple tend to go with the flow and the frequency of their sex the couple varies from multiple times a day to longer, more intimate sessions once a week. The key is good communication and developing a good sense of each other’s moods. Jack’s favorite sex position is from behind because he likes to enjoy Buffy’s petite body this way. Buffy finds it a little harder to choose, because everything feels so good with Jack. Indeed, Jack likes to show off his skills, citing that old saying “if you’ve got it, flaunt it!”

Both partners enjoy role play and tend to go for the Dominant/Submissive roles. Buffy affectionately refers to Jack as Daddy, but also likes to take charge from time to time! Nevertheless, they are both hopeless romantics at heart, and so their sex life is frequently tender and passionate as well. The two look forward to exploring each other’s bodies and strengthening their intimacy through making videos, thereby doing their bit to contribute to a more sex positive and porn friendly world!


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Buffy & Jack's Video Collection

Vlog: Full Disclosure
The latest Lustery vlog takes us to the UK, where British babes Jack and Buffy share a “not-so-typical” day in their lives in lockdown. Of course, having to stay in means plenty of time for banter and for us to get to know them better. After learning that Buffy’s favourite words are “full disclosure” and watching the keen amateur yogi teach Jack a move or two, it’s somehow fitting that the two ditch their clothes and the yoga cue cards for a few revealing positions of their own. Apt too for this POV vlog, expect plenty of POV action that suddenly makes yoga seem more appealing than ever.
Full video

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