Annika & Johnny

The basics
  • 510
  • Name:

    Annika & Johnny

  • Age:

    26 & 28

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Sex life:


When Annika and Johnny met in one of Barcelona’s canna-coffeeshops just over a year ago, one joint led to another and then one thing led to another. Though the day might have gone up in smoke, their connection didn’t ¬– Annika invited Johnny back home with her that night and they’ve been together ever since. We like to think it’s because one of their very first conversations was about the porn industry… and it turned out that their interest was more than just academic. For this loved up pair, learning about who they are through sex is a hands-on experience and, luckily for Lustery, a camera is just one of their tools. They usually have sex every day, whether just once “like a ritual before sleeping” or, well, all day. Annika’s personal favourite is when she’s cooking and “Johnny comes up behind me and starts playing with my body while I’m just trying to stay focused on not burning anything or myself!” Sounds hot!


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Annika & Johnny's Video Collection

VLOG: Plug and Play
For Barcelona-based babes Annika and Johnny, anal play is one of the most intimate expressions of their love, and that means the right time, the right intention, and the right tools. In their latest sensational Vlog for Lustery, the pair talk us through how anal play became a part of their sex life, go toy shopping for a new addition to their growing anal plug collection and, of course, demonstrate how with just a squeeze of lube, a little teasing and a lot of communication, excitement and passion (not to mention, Annika’s favourite clear glass plug), ass play can be out of this world.
Full video

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