Rodrigo & Xochipilli

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    Rodrigo & Xochipilli

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    26 & 29

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    Closed relationship

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Rodrigo and Xochipilli met almost four years ago at Köpi Squat in Berlin, and (after a few drunken encounters) began travelling the world together almost continuously ever since! Splitting their time between different continents, the artistic couple would spend half the year in Xochipilli’s home country of Mexico, and the rest of the time visiting places in Europe and the US.

The pair are very passionate and usually have sex at least once a day. Over the course of their travels, the exhibitionists have had “fun” in many different places including airports, bars, concerts, forests, and even a castle! They are quite adventurous with Xochipilli once sucking Rodrigo’s cock on long bus ride, and (not long after) him fingering her in a crowded taxi cab without the driver or any of their three friends noticing!

Their favorite position is spooning, especially while standing pressed against a wall. Xochipilli squirts a lot and loves to orgasm all over Rodrigo, and in return he likes to piss on her. They love each other’s smells and fluids, and enjoy fucking and sucking while the Mexicana is menstruating. Unsurprisingly, the couple enjoy all manner of kinks: spanking, strangulation, latex, dildos, strap-ons, and are starting to explore cuckoldry. Clearly, they’ll fit right in here at Lustery!


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Rodrigo & Xochipilli's Video Collection

Do Play With Your Food
In this unique culinary quickie, Rodrigo is cooking in the kitchen wearing nothing but an apron, when a topless Xochipilli joins and begins playing with his utensil. After rubbing him down with olive oil, she decides to take one of the carrots he was chopping and use it as a makeshift dildo. Who else is hungry?
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