Charo & Gael

The basics
  • 175
  • Name:

    Charo & Gael

  • Age:

    28 & 32

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    San Carlos, Argentina

  • Sex life:


Gael and Charo first met online through a mutual friend, when Gael was selling a camera that Charo was interested in buying. Although she didn’t end up getting it, the two started chatting and a few weeks later Gael paid her a visit in Buenos Aires. It's been quite a journey since then; when they met they both identified as lesbians, while now Charo identifies as a genderqueer slut and Gael is transitioning and discovering his new identity.

This has been the longest that either of them have felt sexually attracted to the same person, and their sexual bond is strong and unique. Their sex has been changing along with their identities, and they like to explore different ways of being sexual including BDSM and other playful practices. They are both turned on by dancing wildly and enjoy getting kinky in public.

Gael and Charo embrace the non-traditional, feeling very “comfortable with the uncomfortable.” We here at Lustery are happy they are comfortable sharing their sexual exploration with the world!


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Charo & Gael 's Video Collection

The More Things Change...
Despite sporting fresh haircuts and filming in a new location (and season), not much has changed since Gael and Charo’s Lustery debut earlier this year. Gael is still trans while Charo remains a self-identified slut, a fact proven by the louds moans and vigorous strapon-fucking featured in the non-traditional couple’s second outing.
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