Elliot & Marina

The basics
  • 426
  • Name:

    Elliot & Marina

  • Age:

    21 & 22

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Sex life:


Elliot and Marina met ordering drinks at a night club bar. After exchanging looks and names, they danced together the whole night and have been dating ever since. From the beginning, their chemistry and attraction were irresistible, leading them to have sexual adventures in many inappropriate places like a clothing store and the bathroom of an art gallery.

This exhibitionism has led to some amusing situations like when a woman interrupted their mutual masturbation to ask for gas money (which they kindly gave!) Another time, they had to silently hide out in a women’s restroom while the other patrons chatted away for what felt like hours.

Their favourite position is 69ing, but they keep changing and trying new things. Lately they’ve been introducing toys and light role playing into the bedroom. They have tons of fun together, and we are happy they’ve decided to share their pleasure here at Lustery!


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Elliot & Marina's Video Collection

Love, Rinse, Repeat
The adorable Elliot and Marina are back with another brief glimpse into their loving relationship. In this intimate shower quickie, the sweet Argentinians enjoy sensuous kissing, wet fellatio, rhythmic doggy-style, and mutual masturbation… only do it all over again in sultry symmetry!
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